How do I apply for an English language transcript?

  1. English transcripts can be obtained from the Registration Section on the 4th floor of the Administration Building. 

  2. Undergraduate students from the class of 1994 or later, and master's or doctoral students from 1997 or later can obtain transcripts the same day. 

  3. Undergraduate students earlier than 1994 and post graduates earlier than 1997 who have previously been issued English transcripts may also 
    obtain them the same day. 

  4. Individuals that are not described in II, and III require 3 business days before the transcript is ready. Those who cannot pick up the transcript in 3 days, please attach a stamped, self-addressed envelope. When the transcript is complete, it will be sent to you.
  5. If the transcript is not applied for by the applicant, the proxy must provide power of attorney. 

   For further information, please dial ext. 63279.