College & Departments

  文學院 College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts
Dept. of Chinese Literature
Dept. of History
Dept. of Philosophy
Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies
Dept. of Religious Studies
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History
Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature
Doctor's/Master's Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Chinese Language Center
  理學院 College of Science
College of Science
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Dept. of Psychology
Dept. of Computer Science
Graduate Institute of Neuroscience
Graduate Institute of Applied Physics
Master's Program in Digital Contents and Technology
  社會科學學院 College of Social Sciences
College of Social Sciences
Dept. of Political Science
Dept. of Sociology
Dept. of Public Finance
Dept. of Public Administration
Dept. of Land Economics
Dept. of Economics
Dept. of Ethnology
Institute for Labor Research
Graduate Institute of Development Studies
Graduate Institute of Social Work
Master for Eminent Public Administrators
International Doctor's program in Asia-Pacific Studies
International Master's program in Asia-Pacific Studies
  法學院 College of Law
College of Law
Dept. of Law
Institute of Law and Inter-discipline
Master of Laws Program for Executives
  商學院 College of Commerce
College of Commerce
Dept. of International Business
Dept. of Banking
Dept. of Accounting
Dept. of Statistics
Dept. of Business Administration
Dept. of Management Information Systems
Dept. of Finance
Dept. of Risk Management and Insurance
Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management
Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property
  外國語文學院 College of Foreign Languages and Literature
College of Foreign and Language Literature
Dept. of English
Dept. of Arabic Language and Literature
Dept. of Slavic Language and Literature
Dept. of Japanese
Dept. of Korean Language and Culture
Dept. of Turkish Language and Culture
The Undergraduate and Master's Programs in European Languages and Cultures
Graduate Institute of Linguistics
Foreign Language Center
Master of Arts in English Teaching
Master Program in European Studies
  傳播學院 College of Communication
College of Communication
Dep. of Journalism
Dept. of Advertising
Department of Radio & Television & Graduate Program
international Master Program in International Communication Studies
Communication Program
EMA Program in Communication
Digital Contents & Technologies
  國際事務學院 College of International Affairs
College of International Affairs
Dep. of Diplomacy
Graduate institute of East Asian Studies
Graduate institute of Russian Studies
Master's Program in Strategic and International Affairs
Master Program in National Security and Mainland China Studies
  教育學院 College of Education
College of Education
Dep. of Education
Graduate Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy
Institute of Teacher Education
Master of Education in School Administration