What are the regulations concerning service courses?

Service-learning courses are required courses without credit. Undergraduate students must take two semesters of service-learning courses between the first and fourth years, at least 18 hours per semester. Same course may be repeated. Students who do not receive a passing grade must retake the course. Students must pass all the courses to graduate.
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Can I apply for early graduation?

  1.  Yes, as long as you comply with the university regulations regarding early graduation, you may submit an application for early graduation.
  2.  According to university regulations, the earliest you may graduate is one year or one semester in advance.
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How do I get my diploma?

  1. In principle, the application for diplomas of students in graduate programs should be processed immediately. The Registration Section will announce the time for students of undergraduate programs to complete the graduation procedures.

What are the undergraduate foreign language requirements for graduation?

The University requires all students who matriculate after 2005 to pass a foreign language examination. For details please see the University's Graduation Foreign Language Requirements

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