What re the stages of course registration?

I.      The course selection process is divided into three phases: preliminary selection, add/drop period, and faculty endorsement and withdrawal.

II.     The preliminary selection and add/drops are processed online at the System for Course Selection page; application forms for withdrawal requests and courses that require faculty endorsement are available online at the System for Course Selection. Students must obtain approval from the course instructor and the course organizer for class registration, and the Office of Academic Affairs for class withdrawal.

III.    If a student needs to add/drop courses within one week following the deadline for the final phase of course selection due to reasons for which the student cannot be held responsible, the student must attach supporting documents and a student course selection report and submit them to the course instructor and course organizer for approval. From there, the documentation will be sent to the department/graduate institute to which the student belongs for processing. If granted approval by the Dean of Academic Affairs, the process may continue.

Students are required to follow the deadlines announced by the university when making course selections.

※For further information, please contact the Registration Section at extension 63279

※For further information, please dial ext. 63279.

What is dropping a course? When is the drop deadline? Are there any restrictions on dropping courses?

  1. Dropping refers to abandoning a course during the semester.

  2. The deadline for dropping a course is two weeks after midterm exams.

  3. Students may drop a maximum of one course per semester.after drop, the total credit hours cannot be lower than the minimum credit hours required per semester.

  4. Credit fees must be paid before for a course before students can drop a course.

  5. Students with delayed graduation and graduate students who have dropped are not held to a minimum credit hour requirement.

※For further information, please dial ext. 63279.

Is there a required number of credits I must take each semester?

1. Undergraduate students are limited to 25 credits per semester. First, second, and third year students must take at least 12 credits per semester, and fourth year students at least 10. Late graduates must take at least one class per semester.

2. Under special circumstances students may request approval to take up to six credits more than the maximum or six credits less than the minimum. 

3. Credit regulations for post graduate students are determined by the relevant departments.

※For further information, please dial ext. 63279.

If I select a course that required credit fees, how do I pay these fees? If I don't pay my credit fees, what will happen?

1. Every semester, after the process of course selection for non-liable students is completed, the Cashier’s Office will announce the credit fee payment information. Students must print out the payment form and complete the credit fee payment within the specified time limit.

2. If credit fees are not paid on time, the course will count as zero credits.

※For further information, please dial ext. 63279.