Section Chief

Lin, Wan-Na

Responsible for various events of the academic programs


Executive Officer

Yu, Hsiao-Hui

1. Curriculum allocation: For majors and minors in the College of Science, College of Law, Physical education, Military training, Specialized basic common, on-the-job courses
2. Classroom management: Research Building, Da-Zhi, Da Ren Building, Shun-wen Lecture Room and Multi-function Room in Arts and Culture Center
3. Classroom allocation: Administration, regulation, maintenance, and data management of university classrooms; classroom reservation and assignment, Educational Research Center classroom reservation
4.  Interuniversity cooperation Program, Education Studies Program, expanding the choice of minors
5. Property and Space Administration: overall facility purchasing and maintenance
6. Official e-document receiving and delivery, including weekly work reports


Executive Officer

Chen, Shih-Chang

1. Curriculum allocation: For majors and minors in the  College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, College of X, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2. Classroom management: BaiNian Building
3. Administration of curriculum affairs: Course scheduling, printing statistical data and hours taught, checking teaching hours, calculating teaching hours for special appointed teachers and course assignment program planning
4. Teaching hours: inspection of teaching hours, gathering statistics of exceeding or insufficient teaching hours of full-time teacher
5. Application of delivering a course: application of an adjunct lecturer for a Doctor
6. Promote “Curriculum reform program”
7. Comprehensive activities: Reporting of conference records and journal article publication
8. Internal Control System


Executive Officer


1. Curriculum allocation: For majors and minors in the College of Communication and general education courses (including subjects of Chinese,English,humanity, sociology and science)
2. Classroom management: Da-Yong Building
3. Course administration: Required and minor courses revision, English data administration and data upload to university web site
4. Management of Curriculum Committee: Arrangement of drafts, preparation and recordation of conference
5. Enrollment quota survey: Managing and reporting enrollment Quota of undergraduate and graduate programs
6. Curriculum map: construction of the school curriculum map and the professional curriculum map
7. Work flow SOP and Operation Manual





1. Curriculum allocation: For majors and minors in the College of Social Scineces, College of International Affairs
2. Classroom management: General Building of Colleges Building
3. Administrative affairs of English-taught Course Subsidy Review Committee
4. Summer courses: Responsible for various affairs concerning summer courses


Administrative Specialist II

Lin, I-Hshuan

1. Curriculum allocation: For majors and minors in the College of Foreign Language
2. Classroom management: DaoFan Building, JiTao Building, Room 360304 in International Building
3. Course syllabi and course opinion research: Management programs of course syllabi and course opinion research, presenting statistic data
4. Data upload to university websites and data transfer to Ministry of Education
5. Teaching resource service: Educational media service and teaching equipment lending, planning and maintenance of audio-visual distance connection equipment in classrooms
6. Computer control: Planning and integration of the section's software, systems and administration


Administrative Specialist II



1. School affairs Development committee: Official documents authorizing and execution, conference preparation, and conference records
2. Department establishment: Authorization and notification of department, graduate institute and specialized program establishment
3. Total quantity report to ministry of Education and uploading the related information of faculty quality assessment
4. Responsible for the rules and courses of public service curriculum
5. Classroom management: JingTang Building, XueSi Classroom Building


Administrative Specialist I

Tu, Sen-Hsiung

1. Curriculum allocation: For majors and minors in the College of Commerce
2. Classroom management: Yi Xian building, College of Commerce Building, Information Building
3. Examination administration: Official documents for mid-term and final exams, Si Wei Building test classroom reservation (including chairs and desks for tests), and classroom reservation for Chinese joint exams
4. Teaching assistant management: Teaching assistant funds application, verification and registration, and teaching assistant of E-equipment classroom management
5. Student Assistant Administration