How are grade disputes handeled?

I.     Grades captured by the grade system are considered official and final. Students who have doubts with regards to their grades need to first contact the Office of Academic Affairs to verify whether or not errors were made when transferring paper-based grade sheets into the system. If no error is found in data capture or if the instructor has submitted grades via the online system, students will be referred to the instructor or to the course organizer for assistance. Students may file appeals if they find that their queries have not been properly addressed.

II.    If any errors occur when the grade is recorded by the instructor or the grade is miscalculated, the student may request for a change of grade, and if the issue does not involve the student’s withdrawal from the University, the course instructor shall provide written documentation to prove that an error was committed. After consent by the relevant department/graduate institute and approval by the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Registration Section shall alter the record accordingly.

III.    If the grade alteration involves student withdrawal, the matter shall be reported to the President of the University by the Dean of Academic Affairs and brought for discussion and decision at an Administrative Affairs Meeting in addition to the above procedures.

IV.   After the grade alteration procedures are completed, applicants that have missed the semester ranking process period shall not be re-ranked, in order to protect the rights of other students.


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