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Introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs
Under the Dean of Academic Affairs are one secretary and four sections (Registration Section, Instruction Resources Section, Admission Section and General Education Center). Their respective duties are listed below:
Office of Dean of Academic Affairs
Official Documents Delivery
Academic Affairs Meetings & OAA Meetings
BBS Management & Sending/Receiving E-mail
Editing/Printing Academic Affairs Newsletter
Academic Affairs Administration Seminars
Overall Planning of Academic Guidelines
Calendar Making
OAA Webpage Maintenance
Functional Expense Management
Registration Section
Academic Record Programs
Registration, Academic Records, and Graduation
Transfer, Minor, Double Major and Credit Exemption Application
Transfer from the Master’s to the PhD Program
Student ID Cards
Degree Certificates
Issue of Certificates
Academic Records of the Open University
Grade Input
Chinese/English Transcripts & Chinese Grade Ranking Certificates
Graduation Requirements for Minor and Double Major
Course Selection
Drafting/Amending Course Selection Guidelines
Internal Course Selection
Intercollegiate Course Selection
Course Selection Notification
Printing of Roll Sheets and Grade Reports
Other Activities
Drafting/Amending Academic Guidelines
Statistical Reports for the Ministry of Education
Qualification and Degree Exams for Graduate Students
Instruction Resources Section
Course Assignment
Course Administration and Amendment
Printing of Course Lists and Schedules
Classroom Management
Calculation of Teaching Hours
Taking over Classes
Issue of Instruction Proof
Other Comprehensive Activities
Printing Exam Papers
Summer Courses
Curriculum Committee
Committee for General Education
Distance Learning and Intercollegiate Cooperation
Build-up and Adjustment of Departments/Graduate Schools
Course Outline Syllabus, Teaching Survey and Teaching Evaluation Committee
University Academic Development Committee
Enrollment Quota Survey
Teaching Assistant Application
Admission Section
Admission Programs
Masters Programs and In-service Masters Admission
Admission to Master Programs through Screening Test
Admission for Ph.D. Programs
Transfer Students Admission
Admission to Undergraduate Programs through Recommendation
Four-Year or Two-Year Vocational College through Recommendation
Overseas Chinese Students Admission
Exams for Special Examinees
Exams for Admission through Application
International Students Application
Enrollment Quota Surveys and Brochure Editing
Comprehensive Activities
Universities Exposition
Bao Zhong Tea Festival
Center of General Education

The establishment of Center for General Education of NCCU is approved by the School Administration Conference on Apr. 17, 2004. Center for General Education is mainly in charge of plan and advance of the general education of NCCU to reach the goal of the holistic education.

Our duties include :
Consultation and promotion of GE concepts
Plan and deliberation of GE courses
Evaluation of GE courses
Plan and promotion of the cooperation of GE among universities.
Other related GE businesses
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